Website dedicated to luxury becomes more than a trend!

 TrendLuxury.com brings Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Chanel Together

PHOENIX - May 12, 2011 - TrendLuxury.com is a website reserved for features on the most decadent of lifestyles. Founded in 2008, the website has gone through one name change and redesign, making TrendLuxury.com not only a magazine but also a valued resource for fashion icons, celebrity concierges, socialites, and some of the wealthiest, most influential decisions makers world-wide.  

The popular website site offers the affluent a one-stop resource on all things extravagant. From interactive videos to exclusive interviews on cutting edge fashion and pampering lifestyle “must haves”, TrendLuxury.com provides a much needed comprehensive guide to high-style and luxury.

Recently, the website has peeked in popularity. It has become a destination for not only the rich and famous but for the wishful, everyday person. TrendLuxury.com is servicing this demographic by seeking out some of the best high-end giveaways. Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and even promotions from Chanel are paired alongside reviews of the world’s most pretentious resorts, such as Grove Isle Hotel & Spa.  

TrendLuxury.com’s founder, Carlos Muhammad, birthed the online magazine to fill a need craved by a diverse group of consumers. Muhammad’s background includes working with MTV on “Pimp My Ride” as well as establishing his music brokerage company, Egyptianman Entertainment Group. Carlos’ experience within the entertainment industry has forged special relationships, and unique insights, that afford his audience with one-of-a-kind opportunities.  

The online publication is noted for having exclusive interviews, features on some of the hottest retail products for next season, and categorized shopping guides for both couture brands and trending designers. Relationships with BungalowHotel.com and SeriousLuxury.com are just two of the credentialed list of social media now raving about TrendLuxury.com. TrendLuxury.com has become a brand synonymous with taste, style and affluence. Carlos Muhammad has managed the brand to reach over fifty countries with an average of ten thousand unique visitors per day.

To find out more about the TrendLuxury or indulge in luxury of your own, please visit http://TrendLuxury.com.

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